What does your kid like?


Kids are super cute, aren’t they? Any kid, for that matter. Watching them play, giggling around with friends, cracking jokes and so much more; a mere sight of them being happy brings us sheer joy. But, are these moments, the little smiles once in a while through the day enough to learn about the true happiness in their life?


Are we giving the child the attention they need?

Spending a few minutes watching them play or churning out the best recipes you kids might like is not all. They need attention beyond all this. Let’s take a quick look at some amazing points that can add wonders to the bonding you share with your child.

Appreciate their creative and imaginative bent of mind

Kids love to create and explore a world of their own.

The more they acquaint themselves with the world around them, the more they expand their imagination and creativity. And sometimes when they ask you “what if all the dinosaurs came alive”, you can be the mature one and explain the science of life out. Alongside, tickle your chirpy side too. Go childlike and have all the fun understanding why your kid thinks so!

Tap a toe with your kid

Dance! No matter how bad a dancer one is, good music and a soulful company, makes any one tap a toe or two. It is also one of the best ways to engage in some fun with your kid. Get them active, get them exercising. When they are dancing, they are free just as anyone else is. So the next time your kid’s sitting idle and brooding over random thoughts or books, show them where they get their moves from.


Kids need love

Your kid may behave cranky. But we can’t deny the fact that they need love too. And, when you encounter a bout of your kid acting a little cranky, gather yourself, go and give them that warm hug. Kids sometimes need more than a parent. Be the friend your child needs.

Let your kid choose what they like

While you can keep an eye on what your kids like, it is pertinent to also understand what they don’t like. Give them the control to make their own choice. You can always monitor the choice though; guide them. Be it meals or activities they take part in, let them have a sense of ownership.

Capture memories

Click pictures of every beautiful moment. Celebrations and family get-togethers; when your child sees the picture years down the lane, the pictures are sure to bring a smile on their face. Pictures that show how well the house was decorated on their 10th birthday or who all had to come to celebrate their big day. Pictures speak of emotions.

Worthy indulgence

Indulgence can be in a number of ways. Prepare the soil for your child to do some planting. Or chop some veggies so your child comes up with their own signature dish. Your child is sure to love all these beautiful indulgences.

Play, play and play

That shuttle which has been lying in the attic for quite some time; it is now time to get it down, dust it and get playing with it. While your child has their own bunch of friends, they always love the idea of playing with you. If not always, once in a while. Throw the ball, move the shuttle or do some cycling and enjoy some really playful time with your kid.

Enrich the bonding you and your child have.

Roblox or Minecraft

Get building empires with them. If they love engaging with these, appreciate their curiosity levels and try involving yourself too.


A super tip, just the one for you

Recall the days when your friends slipped silly and happy notes to you from across desks in school. Notes such as those are heartwarming for any age. Slip a note once in a while into your child’s lunchbox with messages such as “you are a marvel”, “mumma loves you” and so much more you can think of.

Connect with your child

Connect with your child every now and then. They need to feel special. Ask them about their friends, or the songs on their playlist. Be vocal of how much you love them!

Create an environment that boosts your child’s growth and development

Your child should have access to all the necessities of life. Good food, health and hygiene are a must for your child to grow into a joyful, happy and well-developed individual.

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